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Got My Back: A national conference on the way forward in postural care

For too long many people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, neurological conditions or a movement difficulty have lived with discomfort and pain due to body shape distortions and lack of good postural care support. For these people there is a risk that as body shape distortions develop, other health complications arise causing pain and suffering impacting negatively on quality of life and wellbeing, and in some cases even resulting in premature death.

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Body shape distortion is not inevitable for people with neurological conditions or multiple disabilities. With correct positioning, body shape distortion is preventable and can even be corrected later in life. The right postural care, throughout the day, can maintain or improve body shape and physical ability.

The earlier the intervention, the better – but it is never too late to start protecting and restoring someone’s body shape. Costly, and stressful, surgical interventions can also be avoided.

This conference brings together key national figures to highlight the need for change, identify what is needed and commit to acting to ensure that people with multiple disabilities do not suffer any more from health problems that are preventable.

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